Terms and Conditions

Customer acknowledges that the artist, Debby Carman, is a whimsical fabulist.

She is an "Interpreter of your pet in her style" and not a portrait artist.

Our ceramics are completely handmade and no two items are exactly the same.

DELIVERY: ALL attempts will be made to complete artwork by the estimated date. However, perfection takes time, and unforeseen circumstances can arise during production. Rest assured, you will receive an automated email with tracking information when your custom order is shipped.

REFERENCE PHOTO(s): Quality reference photos matter in the end product as far as recognizability. The Customer confirms that reference photos are of the best quality available.

REVISIONS (Canvas Paintings): The Artist will only make revisions that are within the confines of existing style and that do not clash with the mission or vision of the artist. This is for the intent of staying committed to business purpose and brand.

No Changes can be made once production begins on pillows and ceramics.

Artist does NOT provide images of work in production.

All of our handmade items are distinctively and uniquely one of a kind:

Tiny variances may appear because our products are entirely
hand made to order.  We’re pretty confident you will be very happy
because our artists are spot on!  All made with an extra portion
of love.

    Purchaser acknowledges that this custom order is non refundable. 

    Terms and Conditions (rev. 09/10/2023)