About Us
Welcome to Faux Paw Productions — where art meets the love for pets in a symphony of color and creativity. Nestled in the heart of Laguna Beach, California, our boutique offers a sanctuary for pet lovers who believe that their furry friends deserve nothing but the best.
Our Journey
Founded by a passionate artist with a vision to infuse everyday pet products with life and beauty, Faux Paw Productions began as a small studio space, bursting with brushes, paints, and endless imagination. It has now blossomed into a vibrant retail and online store, celebrating the joy that pets bring into our lives.
Our Craft
Every piece in our collection — from the hand-painted ceramic bowls to the custom-designed pet urns — tells a story. A story of meticulous craftsmanship, handpicked materials, and a personal touch that honors the individuality of your pet. Our in-house artist lovingly crafts each item, ensuring that it stands as a unique work of art.
Our Offerings
Our product range spans the necessities and the niceties:
  • Handmade Ceramics: Bowls, platters, and treat jars, each a testament to the art of pottery.
  • Home Décor: Canvas paintings, pillows, and vases that reflect the joy pets bring to a home.
  • Memorial Pieces: Pet urns created with reverence, offering a beautiful homage to beloved companions.
  • Textiles & Patterns: Bespoke textiles, from tote bags to designer handbags, each pattern telling the tale of paws and play.
  • Custom Creations: Personalization is not just an option; it is our delight.
Beyond the Brush
We're more than just a store; we're a hub for pet enthusiasts. Our own series of children's books, "Bowzers and Meowzers™," comes complete with plush toys and educational fun, fostering a love for animals in young hearts.
Our Commitment
Sustainability and ethical production are at the core of our operations. We choose eco-friendly materials and processes that respect our planet as much as our pets. Our pieces aren't merely items; they're extensions of our commitment to an environmentally conscious ethos.
Join Our Pack
Step into our Laguna Beach store or browse our online galleries to find that special something that speaks to your pet’s personality. At Faux Paw Productions, every whisker, wag, and purr is an inspiration.
We invite you to join our community of pet aficionados. Celebrate your pet's place in your life and home with Faux Paw Productions — where pets are part of the family, and art is for everyone.