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Whimsical Canine Charm - Hand-Painted Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

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Each Color is Hand Mixed. Please select preferred color palette. Artist will create a color in color palette that best compliments the coloring of the pet.
For Multiple Pets: Describe each Pet with Name in Notes to Artist.

Unleash the joy of pet companionship with our "Whimsical Canine Charm" treat jar! Exclusively at Faux Paw, these handcrafted ceramic jars celebrate the playful spirit of your beloved fur friend. Each piece, adorned with a delightful pet portrait, is a testament to our 30-year legacy of crafting breed standard dog trophies for clubs worldwide.

Our artist, Debby Carman, pours love and whimsy into every brushstroke, ensuring your pet's personality shines through. Not just a pretty face, these jars are built to last, being microwave and dishwasher safe, and made with lead-free, non-toxic materials.

Choose Faux Paw for a treat jar that's as unique as your pet—perfect for show awards or a charming kitchen companion. Celebrate your pet's quirks with a keepsake that's both functional and fetchingly fun!

    Custom hand-painted ceramic treat jar featuring a playful dog portrait with bone and paw design - food safe by Faux Paw.
    Whimsical dog treat jar with hand-painted canine illustration and colorful accents - dishwasher safe, by Faux Paw
    Top view of a ceramic dog treat jar with hand-painted paw and bone motifs on lid - microwave safe from Faux Paw.