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Why I Love Painting Pet Portraits

Dogs bring color to our lives!

My art attempts to depict the whimsy / whacky / wonderful colorful spirit of dogs. I love the contrasts in shapes, sizes, texture of their fur and hair, the sensitive expressive soulful eyes which conveys their loyalty, companionship, devotion, playful spirit and bond. In my cartoonish / fabulist / whack-a-doodle style I capture the spirit of the dog - in the world of color.

My process is to study a photo, pencil sketch the portrait, beginning with the dogs entire
world ‘umwelt’ - the NOSE. Then, adding their sensory communication component; their
mouth, tongue, and smile. 
I proceed to block in the eyes; the door to the soul of a devoted creature. I cannot proceed without the eyes positioned and blocked in so that the dog is communicating to me. To the top of the noggin, I add the ears on both sides, the perk, the flop, the mopsy from the topsy. I then block in the neck and chest. If I have a good rendering, I then proceed to block the lines in with my classic black, broken line painting technique and style. Broken lines to let the light in, the magic in the cracks, the space, the mystery.

As an imagineer, Choosing and mixing color in my Rainbow Palz color palette style is easy. I instantly perceive the colors in each dog; unique, electric, deep, passionate, light, fanciful - the spirit of a rainbow.

"If you love what you do, you can’t call it work!"

The writer is an artist who creates colorful, cartoonish portraits of dogs. They focus on capturing the unique shapes, sizes, and textures of each dog's fur and hair, as well as their soulful eyes which convey loyalty and companionship. Their process begins with a pencil sketch of the dog's nose, mouth, and smile, and they cannot proceed without getting the eyes positioned correctly. They then block in the neck and chest before adding their classic black, broken line painting technique. The artist uses a rainbow palette to choose and mix colors for each dog.

They love what they do and don't consider it work.

Pet Portrait Painting Pricing

Since custom pet portrait paintings are very individualized, we can discuss your project needs and I will provide a custom price. However, below is a guide to pet painting pricing for commonly requested sizes on pre-stretched, wrapped canvas at 1.5″ depth. These prices are for one pet, with natural pet color or rainbow style. Additional animals in one painting or other special requests will have a higher fee.

20" x 20" = $550

24” x 20” = $650

24” x 36” = $900

30” x 30” / 30" x 36" = $1600

30” x 40” / 36" x 36" = $1800

40" x 40" / 54" x 36" = $2000

Pet Portrait Painting Process

When you request a custom pet portrait, we’ll discuss what size and orientation of canvas will work best for your space and the photos provided.

Since I do work from your photos, please provide your favorite, but providing multiple photos can help as reference. The best photos are close up, and taken in natural daylight, with clear shots of the eyes. Quality photos that best represent your pet’s personality will help me provide a colorful pet portrait that you will love. I specialize in colorful dog paintings (and cats too!), but please let me know if there are certain colors you would like me to incorporate or avoid based on decor. Portraits typically have a 2-3 week turnaround time once I begin the sketch, but current demand will take longer (Holiday orders are a 4 week minimum).

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