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Boxer Breed Bonanza - Artisanal Hand-Painted Ceramic Trophy Treat Jar

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Capture the essence of the Boxer's vivacious spirit with our "Boxer Breed Bonanza" Trophy Treat Jar. Each jar is a lovingly handcrafted testament to the Boxer's robust charm, with vibrant hand-painted scenes that reflect their playful and loyal nature. Crafted by the skilled hands of artist Debby Carman, these jars serve as prestigious trophies for breed club shows or as treasured keepsakes for Boxer enthusiasts.

Celebrating over 30 years as the preferred ceramic trophy provider, Faux Paw offers these functional art pieces, ensuring they are food safe, microwave, and dishwasher safe, with lead-free, non-toxic materials. Present the honor your champion deserves or grace your home with a functional piece of art that is as unique as your Boxer friend.

    Custom Boxer dog show trophy jar, with a detailed painting of a Boxer and a butterfly, crafted by Faux Paw
    Faux Paw&
    Hand-painted ceramic treat jar featuring a Boxer dog amidst a lush green landscape, a unique trophy by Faux Paw