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Bowzers and Meowzers™ Complete Hardcover (6) Book Set

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Ideal for early leaners and young readers ‘Bowzers & Meowzers’ is a six book series with inspiring stories for children, available in a carry case with hand puppets.



The Bowzers and Meowzers series brings six delightful and unique characters, three dogs and three cats, who each have a story of a life lesson to share. Written in rhyme, and beautifully illustrated, these stories will delight children and the child in all of us.

Books of the series

Cha cha, the dancing dog

A zany, shaggy mess of a dog with an unbridled zest for life inspires her friends with a spontaneous spirit, outrageous and contagious physicality to express yourself while dancing through lifes emotional challenges and opportunities

Chewdalootie, doing my duty

A little dog teaches us that love for a pet involves commitment and responsibility and without it some rather chewed up circumstances can occur!

I'm Gronk and I am green

An affable but easily distracted little dog places fun in front of obeying the rules and learns the lesson of consequences

I'm Maximum cat, that's a fact

A fat blue cat who is the constant source of jokes and mischievous amusement to others shows us that the right attitude is more important than the facts! Uniqueness can overcome perceived differences and we see beyond color and size that the inside contents are what really counts

Kittywimpuss got game

A shaggy fur farce of an underdog cat with low self-esteem, no confidence with neurotic and dysfunctional behavior learns the importance of participation and that winning begins when you show up and play

Purrlonia's Lullaby

An emotionally engaging cat with a remarkable feature that attracts little creatures.A timless and universal story about the need to connect, respect and protect in order to survive and thrive and live in harmony.


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    Bowzers and Meowzers™ Complete Hardcover (6) Book Set
    Bowzers and Meowzers™ Complete Hardcover (6) Book Set
    Bowzers and Meowzers™ Complete Hardcover (6) Book Set